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In writing  this week, children have been arguing whether CCTV should be installed in all primary schools. We focuses on using cohesive language to ‘glue’ our sentences and paragraphs together. Many children were also able to use colons to formally introduce a list in their writing. Next week, we will be arguing that their should be more P.E. and/or art in the curriculum (and explaining why). This is a great discussion you could have at home.

In maths, we finished our learning on missing angles and practised translating and reflecting shapes. Next week, we delving into the world of statistics, focusing on working out the mean, pie charts and line graphs.

Pie charts


There’s a new practice SPaG test online, if you’d like to have a go…

PE 09.02.17

This afternoon we split into 3 groups to focus on dance with Mr Weston, target games with Mrs Boothroyd and First Aid with Mr Cranston where we discussed how to handle some first aid emergencies (choking, asthma attack, seizure, bleeding) and then discussed what we would do in some given scenarios…

Year 6 Basketball Competition: Group Results

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Year 6 Basketball Comp Group Results.pptx

This weeks learning

In maths, last week we started learning about algebra! We learnt about simplifying algebraic formulas to get the value of an unknown and learnt about the nth term.

solving algebraic equations

We will continuing our algebra topic this week including exploring when there are two unknowns.

In writing, we finished our Macbeth soliloquies and will be starting story writing next week.

Image result for macbeth

In grammar, we will focus on using a range of punctuation including dashes, hyphens and parenthesis.